Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Standing Ovation

Taken from the Beach at Deception Pass State Park

I was sitting out on the back deck enjoying the pleasure of the end of a warm day.
My two dogs were sitting near by
The quiet is simply beyond compare


A gull flies around telling of it's latest catch
A few people laugh out on their own deck
It echoes with the happiness of a grand evening
It's a bit breezy but still warm
This does not happen often where I live
It's very special to have a warm day and evening
And to have a couple in a row
Well, we call that Summer around here
It's absolutely Gorgeous
And I was lucky enough to see it
Like a performance just for one
Stunning .... Bravo
A standing ovation

Damn it's good to be alive


JC said...

I wrote this a week ago ...

It's now in the high 90's and hit 101 yesterday. Might get to 105 today or tomorrow.

It's now not NICE on the deck except late in the evening.

But, on the day I wrote this ... it was absolutely lovely ...

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

We are so sad you dont have cool air! We went without it for 2 days an it about melted us...

ellen abbott said...

It's HOT everywhere except in the northeast I think. They're hogging all the cool. We've been in triple digits more often than not since about mid-June (we do have AC) and no rain on top of it.

BTW, my bags are there still room in the car?

Darlene said...

We had been in the 100's with the heat index at between 106 & 110 for 10 days in a row. It was really getting to be MISERABLE! Thank goodness this week we have had some rain (we needed it DESPERATELY since we had been under a watering ban), a POURING rain this morning...YAY...and our temps. have been high 80's and low 90's. Much better!♥

Reese =^..^= said...

Ain't life grand?

Noll's Nip said...

This evening, our local talk radio was talking about how hot it has been in your neck of the woods. Have a nice TALL glass of ICED coffee!!

Tuck said...

105?? That's brutal. It's been hot here, but not like that. I hope it eases up for you soon!

Naturegirl said...

Summer time and the living is easy!
105!!!! Here we have had wet rainy cloudy wet wet wet...but everything is coming up green!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

: )

Kritter Keeper said...

you poor things up there having to melt in those temps! usually we are the ones to suffer! i am glad you had that good day. some days can be totally perfect and well others can be just blahhhh....

JC said...

It's evening now & Mr. Boatman has taken me to the ... boat .. it has ac ... so, here I sit inside the cabin ... in my ac.

Isn't that just silly !!!

It got to be 102 in the shade and when Mr. Boatman was driving home his car temp hit 108.

I'm ok with it but I want a pool and ac in the house ... I felt bad leaving the cats and dogs but my son is home ... with almost all the fans in the house aimed at him.

I also had fans going where the dog sleeps and where Jasmine likes to sit.

Tomorrow is suppose to be hotter ...

If you don't hear from me I went home and am on the way to pick up Ellen ... long way to Alaska ...

Remind me of this when I complain about all the rain I get .. ok

Fading away now with a cool drink in my hand ...

Sally in WA said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your last sentence. Even in this heat wave. Stay cool!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I heard about your record breaking heat wave on the news last night. Sounds absolutely miserable. That kind of heat is common in the south and sometimes here but people expect it and have AC. I hope the temps drop soon.

An Open Heart said...

Beautiful blog.....

Sherri said...

That is one beautiful picture! I love the sun hitting the water-it looks like a million diamonds! Glad you had a good day!

JC said...

I survived the night.

Home now with all the windows and blinds closed.

Going to be 98 ... they think.

Seems a bit cooler so far.

Riley is following me around. Still asking for ac and the pool I told him about.

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