Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Do Not Like

Migraine Headaches ~ I think you already knew that I get them and that I do not like them

Teenage Boys who complain about mowing the lawn. Lawns that they haven't mowed in three weeks. Yes, not one or two but three weeks. Especially when this is the only thing he is supposed to do.

Having to show said teenage son the parts of the lawn that he missed. The edges. Most of them. Almost all of them. What ... he thinks I won't notice. I look out the window every day. I'm talking small front lawn. Not the back but the front.

Having to have a talk with said son about how he can not talk back to me about having to remow the edges.

That he thinks he can tell me how he has freedom of speech. Oh no he doesn't. I told him he could take his freedom of speech arse and find somewhere else to live. And, as this teenage boys mouth was still flapping away ... I told him several other things.

That he is so lazy. Where did he come from ?

I have to tell him to do this or that or anything. He's sixteen not six.

I know that this talk will have done no good. He doesn't learn from my life talks. Only this time it wasn't a life talk it was a do it without words coming from your mouth talk.

I'm sure I will have more I do Not Like days ... and I will share them with you.

As my teenage son would say ... Freedom of Speech ...


ellen abbott said...

Yes, teenage boys. I'm glad mine is grown.

Mishkat said...

I have nephews that age and it absolutely comes with the territory (part of growing up, I guess). But it's no fun to deal with!

Cindy said...

I'll stick with my 13-yr-old Tigger (boy) and 4-yr-old Bambi (girl). Sometimes they'll hiss or growl when it's time to go back inside or when it's time for their parents to feed them before said parents wake-up time.

Kritter Keeper said...

i am sorry you are having a difficult time. i cannot understand why some folks do not like to work because the end result is usually a wonderful thing!

Nancy said...

Teenagers can be such fun sometimes!

Rain said...

I'm very happy with my "teenybopper pugs" LOL I was quite a hellion as a teen...maybe I scared myself into not wanting kids! :)

STUEY said...

So much alike girl! I have the worst migraines. But no kids atall, if I want to see what I miss I spend time with some girl friends till I have enough then head home to the kritters! They don't backtalk just give you the looks!!!! As their tails walk away.DAR!

Judy said...

Now that my daughters have left home, they have mellowed out some. One was always calm (listened to everything I said, then did what she intended right from the start), and the other was always looking for an argument. It is amazing, but they DO grow up!
As for the migraines - Booo!!!! Hisss!!!!!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

I remember being a teenager and truly hating (this sentiment is not really being expressed strongly enough by me)the cutting of the lawn!

Webster said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have kids (thank God). That said, what Dr. Phil would say is: "What is his currency?" In other words, what privilege do you provide him with (other than room and board, of course) that can be used as collateral for mowing the lawn? Taking the iPod, or the TV, or whatever will remove the need for words.

I hope you come to an understanding. We're just in the middle of Summer.

Cat with a garden said...

We're sorry that you had a bad day. Tomorrow will be better again! And teenager are the most dificult thing in the world we are told.

Sherri said...

I raised 2 teenage daughters and they are not much different than teenage boys as far as doing things. They are now 25 and 28 and a joy to be around-so there is hope!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Kids. Their priorities are never the same as ours. Still, they do need to do a few things to earn their keep. Nobody gets a free ride in this world.

The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

We only have two boys in our house. Our Dad, and King. BUT, we do have a 3 year old little human sister and her Terrible Twos carried over to her threes! YIKES! We think our Mommy is gonna have her hands full!

Carol said...

Hang in there & count your blessings when you can!

Tuck said...

I have a teenage niece that also thinks she has freedom of speech. Some of things she says should never be spoken aloud by anyone...

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