Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's been Sunny All Week
Rare for my part of the World
I'm used to rain, clouds, more rain

A bit of sunshine through the trees makes my day

We've had Summers where you
yell at everyone to come quick
to stand in the sun
it might just be
our whole Summer

We've gone away for a week on vacation and come back
to hear that we indeed did miss our Summer
Yes, it's happened.

I have green moss on my porch steps, deck, fence .. I think the cat is turning too.

I'm not complaining ... even though it may sound like it.
We just aren't prepared for this.
This yellow stuff all day long
For a whole week
In June
Maybe August

It's 90 outside
I'll say it again 90
I know that's not bad for Vegas, Texas or Georgia
but, for June in my cloudy, wet, green world

It is HOT
This heat wave will probably only last a few more days
I'll complain later about how we didn't have much of a Summer
And, you are all now required
to remind me
about this
week in June

(No, I do not have air conditioning. I have lots of fans that I had to go in the attic to get...that's another story all together)


Herrad said...

Hi JC,

Really enjoyed your post and love the photo.

Could smell those pine trees and feel a soft breeze off the water beautiful.



JC said...

Herrad ~ that is the view from my beach place. We bought it one year ago. Plan on retiring there. Have lots to do to it but the view is nice. We only go there on weekends when we can find the time.

flydragon said...

What a great view!!!
You're hot, we're chilly and below normal. Hmmmm, some strange weather going on here.

Lover of Life said...

I heard it's been hot in Portland, too. We are heading that way in a few days. My daughter does not have air conditioning either. (Neither do we here at the Lake.) Thank goodness for fans!

Pop and Ice said...

Yikes! It's only in the 60s here in Michigan! We've had quite a bit of rain, but some sunshine too. I hate hot weather. If it gets over 80 I shut up the house and put on the air conditioning. So you see when I retire.....I'm going further north! Or at least parallel. None of this going south business.

90s are hopefully an anomaly for your area and soon to end? Here's hoping!

Webster said...

Yes, it is hot. 90 is hot. For June, it is almost unheard of. I'm a native of the PNW (Pacific Northwest) and wasn't made for this. My webbed feet are developing cracks! But we don't dare complain, do we?

On top of it all, I have MS - and as you may know, those of us with MS are temperature sensitive. I WILT in the heat! Aargh!

I anticipate winning your drawing tomorrow, BTW. *chortle*

ellen abbott said...

My brother who lives in a small town outside Seattle occasionally sends me a picture of the yellow orb asking me what it is.

JC said...

I live about 25 minutes away from Seattle in very good traffic. An hour in bad.

Our vacation plase is near Olympia.

JC said...

Miss spelled that one .. didn't I.

On the laptop in the back yard with the dogs .. the house is too hot .. the back yard is cooler at the moment .. with a breeze.

I'm also out here and my two teenagers are inside. I'd rather be out here with the dogs and the breeze ... if you know what I mean.

Sally in WA said...

Very nice photo.

You know, we'll probably be wishing we had this weather again come November when it's cold and wet again! LOL!!

But I sure am enjoying in the Northern Puget sound area.

Andrea said...

Funny, we had 90's last week and then today, rain all day and I know it didn't get much above 60. Oh, the weather!

Natalie said...

Listen you lot! We regularly have over 100! Day in day out for MONTHS!!!!

BTW, loved the photo.xx♥

JC said...

This is without air conditioning though ...

Jacob said...

I love this photo...and your commentary. I used to live in Minnesota. One day I played golf and came home absolutely worn to a frazzle - it was 98 degrees.

In the winter, of course, it feels like 98 below.

We used to say that we loved summer in Minnesota..both days!

Naturegirl said...

JC..I want some of your 90 degree temperature it's cool and I'm waiting to get that suntan lotion on me again! I miss the odor of santan lotion! =^'^=

Meri said...

Hey JC - All good things must end, it seems. Thursday night, a stiff cold wind blew in with a layer of clouds. Yesterday was mostly grey and much cooler than the day before. And this morning, the dog and I stepped out the front door and had to leap over a couple of puddles. I bet it's only in the 50s. Such change from 91 only a couple of days ago.

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