Friday, June 5, 2009

And The Winners Are ...

And The Winners Are

I wrote everyone's name down on a list. First to last.

I had a total of 17 contestants.

I put the number 1 cause that's what we start with and 17 as my last number.

I pressed the button and ... this is where I ask for a 'Drum Roll Please"...

The first number that came up was number ... 15

The second number that came up was number ... 12

Number 15 on the list is WNC Mountain Living

Number 12 on the list is Stuey

And, as a last moment thought, I decided to be nice and do 'it' again

Yes, I am sending a third 'Pay It Forward' gift...

Another Drum Roll ... and the number randomly picked is ....

Lucky Number 9

Number 9, my last moment add on is .... Hit 40

I went shopping and got some pretty cool items.

I'd like them so they must be Purrfect.

Now, I need to get your address.

I want to Thank Everyone for Playing 'Pay It Forward'.

It was lots of fun meeting new bloggers and wondering who was going to win.

I was surprised that there weren't any smaller numbers.

Remember, it's now your turn to do a 'Pay It Forward'

I think you can do two people or one ... not sure about the rules ... when I won it was

for two ... you can check back if you wish ... the person I won from had a link back to the person she won from.

So, get those addys to me and I'll get working on putting your items in a box.

I probably won't send them out til Monday.


JC said...
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JC said...

By the way, it's only 7 am on Saturday ... I went shopping yesterday with daughter. While shopping we decided to do three ... I had already looked at most of the blogs and decided what I sort of wanted to give on my 'Pay It Forward'.

And, everything total was about $20.00 ... now, postage ... that's another story ...

Anonymous said...

I guess I won - thanks! I emailed you my address - let me know if you get it cuz my email is acting up!


Hit 40 said...

Very fun! I will post back to your site next week on this game :-)

STUEY said...

W Stuey is so happy, he has never won anything before. Now if I can figure out how to send my address, I know I will send this with my e-mail address! Again thank you DAR!

Pop and Ice said...

Congrats to WNCMountainLiving, Stuey and Hit40! I will be looking for the Pay it Forward at your websites soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats everyone!

Nicole said...

I'm at the beach house. I don't get email here.

i did get wncmountainliving and stuey's email right before I left. Hit 40, if you sent me your addy .. I'll check email on Sunday night. I plan on shipping on Monday. I'll email the 3 of you when I do.

JC said...

I'm going to try this again.

When I did it before, it came in as 'Nicole' which is my daughter and I asked her and she said she does not have a blog. It also comes in as a private blog. How weird is that ?

Teenagers ...

Natalie said...

Ah, Too fun!xx♥

JC said...

One of the lucky three has decided not to receive their gift so, I will be sending to the lucky two.

Thanks again for particitpting.

This has been great fun.

Can't wait to see who wins your Pay It Forward

JC said...

I did a paper shuffle of the remaining 14 numbers. While doing my email I pulled the number 2. On my list, number 2 is Pop and Ice.

Congrats to my three winners ~ wncmountainliving, stuey and Pop and Ice.

(Hit 40 was replaced as my third winner )

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