Monday, May 25, 2009

Lessons in Driving Continued

As you all know, I'm being the dutiful parent and teaching my son to drive. He's actually doing better. Really he is.
We were driving home. He goes the back way on the small streets. Learning to turn corners and signal and drive the speed limit. That kind of beginner stuff. When we get to the main road, we have to cross four lanes to get into our housing development.
A direct across the street thing. Waiting can take five minutes or ten depending on traffic.
Yesterday, we almost got in a major car crash.
The traffic was finally clear. Across the street, in our development, there was one truck that was turning right. So, no problem for us. We waited for the last car that was in traffic to go past our development. Instead of going past our entrance, that car went into our development. No signal but that's ok.
I told my son it was good to go across.
As he is crossing, the car turning into our development decides to back up and talk to the truck. Normally not that bad a thing except they now have left no room to get into the development. At this point we are across three of the four lanes, and stuck in the middle of traffic.
My son screams and I tell him keep going. He gets where we are almost off the road with the back end of our car still in traffic.
The truck and the car don't move. They are talking to each other. Couldn't bother to be watching traffic or anything.
My son doesn't know where the horn is or forgets so, I reach over and honk. Still no movement. I honk again. The man in the truck just looks at me like there was something wrong with me. I shook my hand at him at that point.
I honk again. Finally the car in front of us moves. I tell my son to follow. Ends up they live one block away from us. They pulled up to their house and I got out of my car.
She starting walking towards her front yard and she saw me. I was walking towards her and she looked away. I yelled ... and yell is not what it was ... I screamed at her ... stop ... she looked at me ... " yes, you stop right there". And, I yelled and yelled and screamed at her ... "how dare you do that, you could have caused a car accident, you could have killed us. You ought to be ashamed of yourself " ...
She said she was and turned and went in the house. I'm sure she just said that but at least I got to tell her off. I got back in my car and continued to teach my son how to drive.
What the hell is wrong with people ?
I don't know anyone in my development. I live down the long driveway in the woods. I used to know some when my kids were young but as they grew up and people moved, I don't know anyone except the four next to me. A polite wave kind of thing.
I am so glad I don't know the others because if this is what they are like ... man, I'd rather not know them.
Are they related to the cake lady from last week ... hey, maybe it was cake ladies Mom ... that's where she got it !
Side Note ~ I thought about it later and wondered if I was wrong to yell at the lady. Decided no it wasn't ... she lives near me and almost caused an accident due to her not watching other cars. I hope I don't see her again but if I do I'll know she knows that I know ...
One of my friends told me many years ago ... people are only thinking of themselves. I think that is true. The two people in the car and truck were only thinking of themselves and I was thinking of myself and my son.
Lessons in driving ... damn .... I didn't think it would be this hard.


Rain said...

Hi JC. I would have yelled too if her ignorance and selfishness had put me in danger. I think it's an unfortunate truth that most drivers only think of themselves. It's very dangerous out there. Your poor son must have panicked, I guess he needs to be in that kind of situation though, since it will probably happen again. I'm glad you were there to show him how to deal with it and support him!

JC said...

We talked about it and yes, it's good that I was there when the 'crazy' drivers showed up. Now he will know how to react ... I just don't remember 'them' being out there in so many numbers when I was learning to drive.

I lived in a smaller city though and it was a long long long time ago ... think Fred and Barney LOL

Rain said...

LOL Fred and Barney! ha ha. Well, I only learned how to drive at the age of 33. I lived in the city my entire life and took public transit everywhere. I learned to drive in Montreal - infamous for the bad drivers, so I guess I got kind of immune to it. I expect people to be jackasses on the road, so I drive very timidly.

LeAnn said...

Ug! This is why my daughter isn't driving yet-- I just don't have the guts to deal with all that crapola!!!
So, commenting on your comment at my blog: The agent for the seller accepted our offer but then found out that the bank has to accept it and so far nothing has happened. Grrrr
I didnt have a stuffed animal but I did love my blankie and I think it is up in my rafters somewhere and it is pretty pathetic looking. But at least it doesn't look like road kill, lol.
Sometime soon my son is going to come over and take the stuff down from the rafters. It is so danged hot already though it is just too hot to work outside after about 8:00am!
Anyhow... really glad you and your son didn't get in an accident.
Hope all is well at your house!!

JC said...

I'm at the beach house this weekend. Has been a very warm weekend but cool in the morning.

H was gone all week .. Japan and Taipei ... so, he needed to relax.

Son stayed home with the cats so no driving ... imagine screaming ... going on.

Hope your deal goes though ...

Karen said...

Oh JC I don't blame you for yelling at her, I think I would have done the same thing. You should see how people drive here in Lubbock TX...they think red means keep on going!

Rain said...

I just wanted to say Karen's comment made me laugh. It reminded me of this moronic friend I had who insisted that the speed limit was merely a "suggested speed"....not funny after getting a $400 ticket and a few demerit points lost!

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

Man teaching someone to drive seems difficult. I fear the day that I will have to do that now. I would have yelled at her too by the way. I mean hello, Common Sense!!

Kimberly said...

That experience must have scared the bejeebies out of your son. However, it was good he experienced it. He is going to encounter idiots on the road that unfortunately will put him in danger and he needs to know how to handle it.

As far as you yelling at the lady. I would have yelled as well.

A few years ago I pulled up at a red light next to a lady who had a toddler about 18 months old standing in the front seat jumping up and down. With an empty car seat in the back seat. I rolled my window down and told her to pull over and get that child in the car seat.

At which point she yelled at me that "she" meaning the toddler, always let herself out. At which point I told her then she also needs to learn to slap her hand and tell her NO when she does it, and if she didn't pull over NOW I was calling the police (at that point I opened my cell phone).

So the light turns green, she cuts me off and pulls into the parking lot of some mini mall. I being the pushy obnoxious person I am when it comes to protecting kids (even when they aren't my own) pulled in a few parking spaces away to make sure she was actually going to put this child in the car seat, which she did. Of course at this point she turns to me as says, "Are you happy BIT*&. To which I smiled, said yes and told her to have a nice day. LOL So, kuddos to you for yelling!

Nan and =^..^= said...

What a frightening experience for both of you but so glad your quick thinking saved the day and just maybe that woman will think twice about blocking traffic or at least look around!

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all of the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

~ Jose N. Harris

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