Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lilac Update

Over the weekend, I went to the beach.

I went in the back yard.

My Lilacs were still there.

The wire had not been torn down by the deer.

In fact, there was no damage at all.

Maybe the deer have decided to go elsewhere.

I hope.
I took a pic for you to see the progress.

Next time I get to the beach, maybe my buds will be in bloom.

This gave me peace which I am always looking for.


LeAnn said...

That is cool.... I hope they make it. There was a big lilac bush in my backyard growing up but you don't see them a lot in the desert. I would love to have some!

critterlover said...

That's GREAT! I'm glad, and I hope they make it undisturbed. I asked my hubby if our climate was right for lilacs and he said it is, I'll have to look in to getting one in our front yard in your honor.

Noll's Nip said...

What a sweet and happy sight that must have been for you!

WNC Mountain Living said...

Glad your lilacs are coming up! They bring back so many memories for me and I am glad we have a bush in our yard once again.

Cat with a garden said...

Mom has a tiny Syringa meyeri which is in full bloom right now and a "bigger" shrub (still in a pot though) of the vulgaris type called "Président Poincaré" which has already finished blooming. She bought the latter one blooming 4 or 5 years ago and it never bloomed again. This year it made up for everything with 25 blooms!
Purrs, your Gardening Cat Siena

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~ Jose N. Harris

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